Laure Grévy, bowmaker

My beautiful profession came to me naturally, 
while I was playing the cello and studying art at the same time

Life in my workshop,
the silence of wood shavings brushing the floor,
the lively scent of wood and varnish,
the workbench,
the sound of the planer allow me to be myself, 
and to create my bows.

As a sound artist at the service of musicians,
many questions arise on a daily basis...

Through gesture and intuition, I try to meet the demanding
needs of the wood to give the bow 
technicality, strength and responsiveness,
but also softness and smoothness.

The use of precious materials - ebony, mother-of-pearl, silver, gold...
required to make the frog,
makes each bow a unique and wonderful creation.

My spirit rejoices
When my gestures embellish what my eyes see.
And thus give the object its beauty.

Christophe Schaeffer student, this great bow-maker taught me the traditional techniques of French bow-making in order to pursue the mastery of meticulous craftmanship.
He entrusted me with what he himself received from his Master Bernard Ouchard, and shared his experience with me.

You can come and meet me in my worshop, where I will be delighted to welcome you for a rehair, for a repair or to try my bows.
Please contact me to arrange a convenient time.